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Oral Health Florida Fall Newsletter 2018

Fall 2018
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Oral Health Florida is comprised of a broad-based group of agencies, institutions, organizations, communities, stakeholders, policymakers, and other individuals whose mission is to promote and advocate for optimal oral health and well-being of all persons in Florida. Our mission is accomplished through the implementation of the Florida Roadmap for Oral Health.

In this issue
  • Brooksville Fluoridation Campaign
  • DentaQuest Foundation Grant
  • Action Teams Changes
  • Changes to Medicaid Dental
  • Funding Opportunities
  • Research and Resources
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Fluoridation Advocacy
Never Ends
This election cycle, the voters of Brooksville will decide whether or not to continue fluoridating its community water system.  Despite an affirmative vote by the City Commissioners several years ago to retain fluoridation, a change in Commission composition has led to this issue being placed on the ballot. The Hernando County Department of Health has led the community education effort with support from Oral Health Florida's Fluoridation Action Team. Radio shows, yard signs, community events, and provider engagement are all part of the effort. We will let you know the outcome in our next newsletter. But this case demonstrates that advocates cannot assume that once a community is fluoridated it stays fluoridated!
  DentaQuest Foundation
Funding Approved
We are pleased to report that the DentaQuest Foundation will be awarding Oral Health Florida funds to continue its work in expanding and deepening the Florida Oral Health Network and engaging in policy issues at the State Capitol. Additionally, funding will support the development of educational materials that re-frame oral health as an overall health issue. We are so grateful for the Foundation's continued support of our work!
Changes to Action Teams 
Oral Health Florida's Action Teams are comprised of members with an interest in taking collective action to improve oral health in Florida. This past year, we reviewed our Action Team structure and have made several changes. The Sealant Action Team has now evolved to a School Oral Health Action Team which includes a School Oral Health Learning Collaborative. The Medical-Dental Integration and Senior Action Teams have merged into a broader Workforce Action Team, which seeks to explore innovative ways to improve access to oral health care. The Data and Fluoridation Action Teams will remain the same. To learn more about our Action Teams, click here
Updates on Medicaid Dental
Information is coming out about the new Medicaid Pre-Paid Dental Program. Through a series of webinars, AHCA is regularly updating stakeholders on the much-anticipated changes. We urge all interested parties to participate, listen to recordings, or view presentations by visiting AHCA's Statewide Medicaid Managed Care web page. Oral Health Florida will provide summary updates, but we recommend getting detailed information directly from AHCA. To monitor the roll out and advise on the program, Oral Health Florida will be standing up a Safety Net Committee in 2019. If you are interested in participating or learning more, please email 
Funding Opportunities

Delta Dental Community Care Foundation Access to Care

You can view the types of programs supported and guidelines at

The  application will open November 1, 2018, and close January 31, 2019.

If you have any questions, email

ADA Foundation 

Free Early Childhood Oral Health Education Materials from the ADA Foundation and Scholastic

Tiny Smiles, a Give Kids A Smile® program, is providing dentists with free materials to help reinforce good oral health practices with patients who care for kids ages 0 (birth) to 5. Dentists and dental team members who complete a survey will receive a kit with printed materials in time for National Children’s Dental Health Month (February 2019). Supplies are limited, and the survey deadline is Nov. 15.

ADA Foundation upcoming application deadlines:

Nov. 5: Give Kids A Smile Continuity of Care Grants

Nov. 9: ADAF Dental Student Scholarships

Nov. 9: E. “Bud” Tarrson Dental School Student Community Leadership Award

Nov. 30: Letter of intent for the ADAF Access to Oral Health Care for People with Special Needs Grant  

Visit for complete information and eligibility requirements.


Research and Resources

Want to learn more about the Medically Necessary Dental Care effort for Medicare? Check out Families USA’s blog “Congress Shows Support for Medically Necessary Dental Care”. You also can listen to the recording link from Oral Health 2020. The first thirty minutes especially give a good overview of the concept and the advocacy case for it.

Call recording: 

ADA Guideline on Non-Restorative Caries Treatments

Access the guideline and supporting resources at

An expert panel convened by the American Dental Association Council on Scientific Affairs has just published an evidence-based clinical practice guideline on non-restorative treatments for carious lesions. 

States Showcase New Programs that Effectively Integrate Oral Health and Primary Care
States are developing innovative programs that integrate oral health and primary care to improve patients’ health while saving states money. During #NASHPCONF18, experts showcased initiatives from Washington State, California, and the Harvard School of Dental Medicine that rely on collaboration to improve access to oral care, enhance prevention, and ultimately reduce health care costs. 

Dental caries prevention strategies among children and adolescents with immigrant - or low socioeconomic backgrounds- do they work? A systematic review:

Check out the American Academy of Pediatrics webinar on Silver Diamine Fluoride you can access the recording at the following link.